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Locke Park 20Ten update

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Welcome to New Marske Harriers' race entry micro website.


Please take care when entering your details, especially your email address, pay particular attention to putting correct end bit (are you .co.uk or .com or something else?) – remember nearly right is totally wrong!



When you get to the payment page you will have the option of paying either by Paypal or Debit/Credit card. When you have completed your payment, make sure that you are directed back to this site from the payment page where you will be given the option of saving your details for your future use, and you should be able to see yourself on the list of entries (you may need to refresh the page). 


You will receive a confirmation email from paypal regarding your payment and from this system regarding your entry details. If you do not check your junk mail otherwise it is likely that you have typed in an incorrect email address on your entry details.


Please Note:

If an error occurs during the payment process and you start over again with your entry - make sure your shopping basket is empty otherwise you may end up with a multiple entry.


Number Swapping

Please be aware of the forthcoming rule changes regarding using another competitors number without the race organiser's permission. Our system allows for numbers to be swapped until a couple of days before the race - and when the race is full, a waiting list will become available for those who wish to officially swap with someone that has entered but is unable to run. 


If you wish to give up your number please read these instructions.

How to use this site


Please read these notes carefully. 


Please make sure you type in your details carefully - especially your email address. Remember email addresses that are nearly right, are totally useless; pay particular attention to .com versus .co.uk etc.


How do I pay?

After entering your details you click on pay by PayPal  even if you don't have a paypal account, as there is an option to make your payment to PayPal using your Debit/Credit card.


How do I know my entry has been accepted?

There are two checks to make:

  • The entry list, click on the button to right of the enter button, to show current entry list and make sure that your name is on it. NOTE - THE RACE NUMBER SHOWN IS NOT THE NUMBER THAT YOU WILL RUN WITH, BUT IS ORDER THAT YOU ENTERED THE RACE.
  • You will also recieve an email from graham.hall@outlook.com confirming your entry and details. If the confirmation email doesn't appear in your inbox then check your junk/spam mail folder. Adjust your settings so that future information that will be emailed isn't treated as spam.

What if my entry fails?

98% of entries work ok first time, but between you, your phone/tablet/PC, our site, and paypals site, there are a lot wires and wifi where things can drop off. Often a 2nd attempt works - however please make sure that your basket is empty otherwise you may end up entering and paying twice! Payment is via paypal - if you don't have a paypal account then you can make your payment to paypal via your debit/credit card.

If the entry fails at the payment stage - follow the instructions on screen and confirm your intentions via the contact menu item to the left.


If there is an error in your details, or if change your home address or email address, then you make these amendments yourself via the "Transfer/Change Entry" button - you will be emailed a confirmation link which prevents anyone other than you changing your details (another reason to make sure email address is correct when making your entry).


I have entered a race but I am now unable to run, what can I do?

It against UKA rule to run in a number registered to someone else. If you know someone who is able use your entry then you change this via the "Entry/Change" button. Follow this example


NOTE - Any emails sent to all entrants will also be posted on this website and can accessed via the "Emails Sent" tab on the menu.





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